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Store America
Victorville, CA
RJC Construction
May 2017
100,000 square feet
ASC X 15

The Store America facility in Victorville, CA was leaking from seams and missing screws. These issues required constant maintenance.


Store America was constantly sending maintenance crews to chase leaks at this facility. This was an issue for them because they did not want theirs customers goods in storage damaged by the leaks. Tearing off the entire roof and replacing it was not cost effective.


Store America chose the ASC X 15 system. The system uses ASC X One Coat, a water-based, zero VOC, environmentally friendly coating. With extremely high elongation and the ability to withstand ponding water as an impermeable membrane, and excellent durability, the ASC X was the right choice for this facility. ASC X was applied at 3 gallon per 100 square feet, creating a monolithic waterproofing membrane over the entire roof. This helped save on expensive removal and disposal costs.


Store America invested in a seamless system that withstands the expansions and contractions of the metal roof. Since completion, there have been no leaks reported. Store America is extremely satisfied with their decision to invest in the ASC X system. The ASC X systems includes a 15-year material and labor warranty

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